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How to Navigate:

The World Trade Search Business Directory is organized into different search levels:

  1. At the top level, you can search the entire directory. This includes every entry in every country.

  2. From the top, you can narrow your search by selecting a particular country. This will allow you to search for companies only within that country.

  3. Each country is further divided into five major categories: commercial, education, government, regional interest, and personal.

  4. Within the commercial category, you can further restrict your searches by selecting a product category. Some of these product categories are further divided into sub-categories.

For instance: Start at the main page and select USA, followed by commercial, followed by Service Industry. You can then search the entire service industry category for the U.S. You can also focus your search in narrower by selecting one of the sub-categories that indentifies a particular service industry

How to Search:

  1. First choose whether you want to search from the top, or whether you want to narrow your search by selecting a country and catagory.

  2. When you have found the right place to search from, enter your key words into the search form. For instance, if you want to locate companies that offer interactive graphics systems, you could choose to enter interactive computer graphics as your keywords.

  3. If you want to view all the entries in a category, simply perform a blank search.

  4. Choose the language that you are searching in. You already entered some key words in step 2. Which language did you use? Find the language in the pull-down menu and select it. Selecting the right language is important if you are entering special characters like accents, umlauts, or Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters. You can always search for regular English words regardless of the language setting.

  5. Select Find All the words if you want to find entries that contain each and every one of your key words. All the words must be found in the entry in order for the search engine to find it.
    Otherwise, select Find Any of the words if you want to find entries that contain just one of the key words.

  6. To control the number of hits that are returned to you by the search engine, you can modify the Max number of hits setting. This setting corresponds to the number of individual company listings that are returned from your search.

  7. The entries that are returned by the search engine are in sorted order. The ones that fit the best are returned first.

  8. Sometimes you may see the same company repeated several times. This occurs when a company is entered into several categories and you search from a high enough level to cover more then one of these categories.

How to Join:

You can add your company to World Trade Search for free! Just fill out our registration form.

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