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Purchase Single Posting

This page is for those who wish to purchase a single posting on's Trading Zone.

The cost of a single posting is US$ 5 and requires a valid VISA or Mastercard credit card. This entitles you to post a single buy or sell notice for up to 3 months.

To submit your posting, please fill out the form below and submit it. Upon approval, your posting will be added to the Trading Zone.
(Make sure that the email address that you enter in your form is valid, or we will not be able to notify you.)

1. Member person information:
Address 1
Address 2
Zip/Postal Code

2. Credit Information:
Please make sure that the credit card number and the expiration number is correct, or else your membership will be delayed. Your card will be charged $5 upon acceptance of your application.
Name as it appears on the credit card
Visa Mastercard Credit Card Type
/ Expiration Date
Yes No I hereby authorize WTS to charge my credit card
You must set this to "Yes" to authorize the charge.

3. Your Posting:
Please fill out all the fields.
Product/Service Name
I want to purchase I want to sell Posting Type: do you want to purchase or sell?
Your email address to be contacted at
Product/Service Category
Short summary of product/service
Product/Service Description (up to 100 words)

4. Submit the form:


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