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Window Curtains

We are govt. recognised export-house with two factories. Our manufacturing and packing facilities covers more than 30,000 sq.ft. and provide employment to more than 180 people. We guarantee the best value for our product and services. Best competitive price. Unmatched quality. Best track record of timely delivery. Mangal has built his business with excellent customer service, integrity, trust and hard work. Today Mangal is a global company with his own office in USA, and enjoys overwhelmingly the largest market share, serving quality importers with its fashion forward products for the home. We use wide variety of fabrications for windows cotton-voil duck high twist dobbies, etc. Fancy manmade fibers - Crushed polyester - Satin nylon - Crepe and soft tissue. We also do tie backs - Cords tassels and metals. For more information we invite you to contact us.

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